Average Wakeboard Cost (With 16 Prices of New & Used Wakeboards)

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The thing about water sports is; unlike other kinds of outdoor activities, they require a great deal of equipment if you want to get the best experience. The same applies to wakeboarding. You need a boat; you need bindings, and, of course, you need a wakeboard, which is why it’s always a good idea to check out the current prices of different models as well as the average wakeboard cost for both new and used ones.

If you’re in a rush, the best wakeboards from popular brands, such as Ronix and Hyperlite, can cost anywhere from $200 to $600. Used wakeboards cost a bit less, as their prices usually range from $150 to just over $200. To help you get a clearer idea about the matter, we’re going to list some examples of great wakeboards made by popular companies as well as their precise and a breakdown of their main features.

Without further ado, here are some examples that will help you determine the average wakeboard cost.

Average Wakeboard Cost of New Wakeboards

New wakeboards are – obviously – pricier than used ones, but if you don’t mind spending extra to get the best quality, then a new model is the way to go.

Ronix Vault Wakeboard


Ronix is one of the first names that come to mind when thinking about the top wakeboard brands in the world. After all, Ronix’s products combine technology, comfort, and style, which explains why the company’s endorsed by some of the world’s best wakeboarders, such as Card Sharpe, Danny Harf, and Adam Errington.

What’s unique about Ronix is how the brand cares about customization. Ronix makes boards for both men and women, giving each type its own advantages to cater to the needs of the rider. The company even produces an array of products for children, which signals how much it cares about its customers no matter their age or gender. The average wakeboard cost for this model is $280, and it perfectly reflects everything the company is known for and more

What’s Great About this Model?

What’s great about the Vault wakeboard is that it’s suitable for any rider, no matter their level. It’s wide and steady enough for any beginner to use, but it’s not such a brute that no skilled wakeboarder would want it in their arsenal.

The Vault’s rocker is smooth and continuous, and although it may start out feeling mellow at first, it does pack a good punch. You can either work it toe side, where an aggressive edge adds speed, or, if you want to go easy, simply take it to your heels.

Hyperlite 2021 Murray Pro Wakeboard


When you say wakeboarding, you say Hyperlite. The company’s founder, Herb O Brien, was the one who invented the first neutral buoyancy wakeboard with the help of expert shapers.

Hyperlite is known for designing wakeboards with thin profiles that are slender enough to pass as slalom skis. With its thin boards, Hyperlite has revolutionized the industry, and many companies have been following suit by producing compact wakeboards that increase the thrill of riding behind a boat. All of that explains why Hyperlite’s products are endorsed by pro riders like Shaun Murray and Rusty Malinoski and why wakeboards like the 2021 Murray Pro, which costs $380 when new, is so popular among wakeboarders of all ages.

What’s Great About this Model?

As the name indicates, this board is the signature model of professional surfer Shaun Murray. Although it delivers everything you’d expect from a high-end, intermediate-to-advanced wakeboard and more, the Murray Pro has an affordable price tag that makes it hard to resist.

The Murray Pro wakeboard features a three-stage rocker with no flat spots whatsoever along with a center-landing spine and a variable edge design, all of which contribute to making this board an excellent choice no matter your style.

Although the slight stiffness of the Murray Pro makes it more suitable for boat riding rather than cable parks, you can still use it in any condition thanks to its rounded edges and sharpening underfoot, thus adding to the impressive versatility of this wakeboard.

Slingshot Sports Bishop Wakeboard

Slingshot Sports is the wakeboard manufacturer of choice for anyone looking for boards that combine top-of-the-line technology and art. The company has an extensive product catalog that includes wakeboards, kites, surfboards, and different kinds of accessories. In other words, no matter what you’re looking for, Slingshot has it.

Art is at the heart of Slingshot’s philosophy. The company had been placing a heavy emphasis on graphic design since its creation back in 1999, and that can be clearly seen in the Bishop wakeboard, which is priced at $550.

What’s Great About this Model?

What really stands out about the Bishop wakeboard from Slingshot Sports are its bright graphics, which were designed by professional wakeboarders Black Bishop and Wesley Mark Jacobsen. But there’s more to this board than its external design, as it’s equally impressive in terms of build and features.

For instance, the board has ditched the belly channels that were featured in its 2019 predecessor, allowing for a looser feel that would appeal to any expert-level, thrill-seeking rider looking to perform breath-taking tricks on the water.

It doesn’t end there, as the Bishop also features a three-stage rocker that slows speed when in water just about right to allow you to line up your next rail slide or launch.

Finally, Slingshot’s Bishop features the company’s signature flex tips. If you’re not familiar with those, they basically make nose and tail presses more responsive when one is grinding on the water.

O’Brien 2021 The Fix Wakeboard

Wakeboarding is a fun activity for everyone, including men, women, and kids. It’s basically a sport for the entire family, and that’s exactly what O’Brien is about: providing the entire family with a lifetime of unforgettable memories.

Even since its creation half a century ago, O’Brien has been making an array of affordable wakeboards, towable tubes, and accessories. The company’s boards are known for their customization, which aims at enhancing the rider’s strengths and improving their weakness.

All of that explains why the brand has long been associated with value, quality, and performance, all of which can be seen in The Fix Wakeboard, which currently sells for $540.

What’s Great About this Model?

The Fix wakeboard 2021 is the company’s update over the 2019 model. Among the enhancements that were put into place, one thing really stands out, which is the tweaking of the thickness and length profiles. That modification, which follows the “bigger is better” trend, has greatly improved flex parameters, making riding this board a pleasure.

When you’re riding this wakeboard on the water, you’ll feel flowy and loose, which helps reduce fatigue and makes preparing and aligning for your next trick a breeze. The board also boasts a v-lock tip and tail as well as a slightly concave belly that cushion landings substantially.

Liquid Force Raph Wakeboard 2020


Liquid Force is a brand that every wakeboarder, no matter how long they’ve been practicing the sport, knows. The company specializes in making boards as well as wakeboarding clothing and accessories, and it’s endorsed by several celebrity wakeboards.

Back in 1995, Jimmy Redmon and Tony Finn, who were once rivals, formed Waketech when looking for new alternatives for surfing and water skiing. It was their twin-tip board that allowed surfers to ride with their right foot forward for the first time.

Liquid Force is still working on inventing new wakeboard-related products and technologies every day, which explains why the company’s mainly known for constant innovation, and among their latest inventions, we present the Liquid Force 2020 Raph Wakeboard, which you can get brand-new for $560.

What’s Great About this Model?

Pro surfer Raphael Derome’s signature model, the 2020 Raph Wakeboard, is what you need if you’re an intermediate rider looking for a challenge. Instead of channels on the tip or tail, the Raph board features 2D flex zones in the tips, allowing the board to bend around the rails to provide the rider with optimal control and a looser, smoother ride.

CWB Connelly Surge Kids Wakeboard

CWB Board Co. is a brand to be reckoned with in the wakeboarding world. The company is known for two things: customized wakeboards that are suitable for men, women, and kids, and top-of-the-line innovations that have been reshaping the industry ever since the brand was created. Both of those qualities can be found in the CWB Connelly Surge Kids Wakeboard, which costs $320 new.

What’s Great About this Model?

The Surge is a wakeboard that can deliver a stable and smooth ride while being quite forgiving when it comes to landings, making it the perfect board for young riders.

Connelly’s Surge wakeboard features molded fins that provide moderate grip for both cable park and boat riding, with a detachable center fin that lets the wakeboard track straight until the rider’s skilled enough to control the board without it. Furthermore, the Surge boasts a full spine to allow for smooth, flat landings along with a three-stage rocker that provides pop without going overboard with the feature.

Hyperlite State 2.0 Wakeboard 2021


Another great wakeboard from Hyperlite, the State 2 board is available brand-new for $275.

What’s Great About this Model?

The Hyperlite State 2.0 is an entry-level wakeboard that’s designed to help amateur riders hone their skills on the water in a fast and easy manner. The board boasts an asymmetrical design that provides a shorter edge on the wakeboarder’s toe-side, thus making it easier to make wake jumps.

Below all the bells and whistles that this board features, you’ll find a Hyperlite’s monocoque construction and layered fiberglass build, which integrates the top fiberglass into the base to make your ride stronger and more durable.

Ronix Quarter’ Til Midnight Wakeboard

Average Wakeboard Cost: The RONIX QUARTER’ TIL MIDNIGHT

Configured to provide women with the wakeboarding experience they truly deserve, the Ronix Quarter’ Til Midnight Wakeboard costs $330 today.

What’s Great About this Model?

Ronix’s ‘Til Midnight Wakeboard is inspired by one of the company’s all-purpose wakeboards, and it’s designed to provide women with a lighter, more responsive riding experience and softer landings. This board is capable of delivering pop without sucking speed thanks to the continuous rocker profile, which also allows the rider to switch from smooth turns to high-speed cuts confidently.

Average Wakeboard Cost of Used Wakeboards

If you’re on a budget and want to get a used wakeboard instead of a brand-new one, then make sure to inspect the board thoroughly before pulling out your credit card to make the payment.

Here’s a list of eight used wakeboards that you can find online on sites like Amazon and eBay (along with the average wakeboard cost for each of them):

Ronix Highlife – Flexbox 2 Wakeboard 2019

New and Used Price:

The average wakeboard cost of the Flexbox 2 from Ronix is $400 new and around $220 used.

Basics Specs of this Model in General:

  • Continuous rocker for smoother gliding
  • Firm mid-section with soft tip and tail
  • A sintered base for smooth sliding

Ronix One Timebomb Wakeboard 2019

New and Used Price:

The Ronix One Timebomb Wakeboard goes for around $600 new and $300 used.

Basics Specs of this Model in General:

  • Three-stage rocker with an exaggerated line for a more explosive pop
  • Vertical poured urethane speed walls for more top water speed
  • A Timebomb core to make every wake jump feel like a double up

Liquid Force Peak Wakeboard 2019

New and Used Price:

The Liquid Force Peak Wakeboard 2019 is currently sold for 300 to 500 bucks new and just above 200 dollars used.

Basics Specs of this Model in General:

  • Aggressive three-stage rocker with a flatter center curve for more control
  • Edge channels that provide increased control
  • Full paulownia wood core for a lively response

Ronix Top Notch Nu Core 2 2019 Wakeboard

New and Used Price:

The Ronix Top Notch Nu Core 2 Wakeboard costs around $290 – $450 new and $230 used.

Basics Specs of this Model in General:

  • Continuous rocker for smooth riding
  • All Over Flex for a smoother ride throughout
  • Vertical poured urethane speed walls for more top water speed

Liquid Force Timba Wakeboard – Blem 2019

New and Used Price:

The average wakeboard cost of the Liquid Force Timba 2019 is around $215 – $450 new and $160 used.

Basics Specs of this Model in General:

  • An aggressive continuous rocker that’s perfect for flowing transitions
  • Radius Liquid Rail Sidewalls that deliver unmatchable durability and strength
  • Full paulownia wood

Hyperlite 2018 Wishbone Jr. 125 Wakeboard

New and Used Price:

The Hyperlite 2018 Wishbone Jr. 125 Wakeboard costs around $400 new and $150-200 used.

Basics Specs of this Model in General:

  • Hyperlite’s signature AirStick Core
  • Layered glass for extra durability
  • Monocoque construction that provides more strength and durability

O’Brien Siren Wakeboard

New and Used Price:

The O’Brien Siren Wakeboard, which is designed for ladies, goes for around $270 new and $140 used.

Basics Specs of this Model in General:

  • Continuous rocker for increased stability
  • Easy edging thanks to dual molded channels at tail and tip
  • Ultra-lightweight yet super durable

O’Brien Fremont Hybrid Wakeboard

New and Used Price:

The average wakeboard cost for the O’Brien Fremont Hybrid is around $260 new and $170 used.

Basics Specs of this Model in General:

  • A progressive rocker that packs a more kicked up tip and tail compared to the continuous rocker
  • Feather Core, which reduces the board’s swing weight
  • Impact-resistant urethane rail that protects the core all the time


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