8 Best Tents for Families – Reviews and Buying Guide

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Psssst…. are you looking for the best tents for families?

With the worst of winter behind us already and summer all set to peep over from the horizon, now’s the time to consider investing in the best tent for family.

In all probability, your kids have had enough video games to last a lifetime in the past year, and cabin fever is starting to rear its ugly head.  Mine certainly did.

Camping is not only a foolproof way to spend some quality family time in the sun and wind, but it’s also therapeutic, according to science.

Thankfully, with the best tents for families, you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg on expensive campsites.

All you need is the woods, and you are all set for an amazing vacation.

Around this time last year, I was scouring the internet for the best tent for my family, and I spent over two months researching options and speaking to families who spend a lot of time outdoors. 

Much to my surprise, I found not one, but eight terrific options, all of which top-rated, mind you.

I figured that this was a great time to share those options with you.

Quick Roundup

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#1 - OT QOMOTOPPicture of the OT QOMOTOPBuy Now from Amazon.com

Keep reading for the full reviews.

Which Tent Did I End Up Choosing?

After carefully considering features, the price, and the bells and whistles or the lack of it, I finally narrowed down on the OT QOMOTOP 8-person family tent.

It’s an extremely sturdy cabin-styled tent that’s roomy enough to accommodate the four of us and my two boisterous pets.

I really liked the fact that it’s 78” tall in the center, which is sufficient enough for my partner to stand up without stooping. (He’s 6’3). Most other smaller-sized tents do not offer that leeway.

More details to follow.

Best Family Tent – My Picks

Here are the eight best tents for families that money can buy you in 2021 and for the near future.

#1 – OT QOMOTOP – Best Overall

My personal favorite is the OT Qomotop, a cabin-styled family tent that’s available in 4-different sizes, that is for 4, 6, 8, and 10 people.

I chose the 8-people option because I wanted some extra room to store my luggage. Not to mention that Bonzo, my beagle gets claustrophobic in cramped spaces. Else, the 6-people option would probably have worked fine as well.

Not that I’m complaining. The tent is capacious. It’s 13’ x 9’ in dimensions and can easily accommodate two Queen-sized air mattresses. It also comes with a divider that separates it into two vestibules instead of one large room.

For a tent this big, the setup is a breeze. Literally.

I did it alone and within 5-minutes. You just have to pop it up, pull out the telescopic poles and secure them with the stakes that come with it (if it’s super windy).

We camped on a mountain with consistent 35-40 mph wind gusts and an hour of heavy rain.

Guess what? The tent stayed rock steady. No bent poles or any unsavory events. Not a drop of water made its way inside with the rainfly attached. Everything, including my pups, was bone dry.

Taking it down is equally simple. It’s unbelievable how compact this tent is when folded and packed. Doesn’t hog precious cargo space in the truck.

There are mesh-covered windows on all sides, which keeps it airy and bright on sunny days.

The fly is a bit of a pain. But that’s just a minor quibble. Certainly not a deal-breaker for me.


  • Capacity: 4, 6, 8, & 10 People
  • Dimensions: 13 x 9 feet for the eight people option
  • Style: Cabin Style, Freestanding
  • Windows: Mesh covered windows on all sides
  • Waterproof Rating: Rated for 600mm
  • Material: Steel frame and 68D Polyester with PU coating
  • Very roomy tent with 78” peak height
  • Easy setup. It can be done by a single person
  • Easy dismantling
  • Mesh-covered windows
  • Tough Polyester material
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Waterproof and comes with a rainfly
  • The design of the fly makes it prone to get stuck in the zipper
  • No awning


You absolutely cannot go wrong with the OT QOMOTOP. It’s hands down the best tent for family camping on this list, irrespective of how large your family is. I highly recommend it. Check it out here.

#2 – Vidalido Dome Camping Tent – Best Bang for Your Buck

This is a Teepee-styled camping tent from Vidalido that’s roomy enough for a small family or group of four adults (Although it’s rated for six people).

Since you are going to spend most of your camping time outside the tent anyway, some people find a cabin-styled tent overkill.

This Vidalido dome tent is a cost-effective choice, and if you compare the features on offer with the price, it provides the most bang for your buck.

This is a very spacious tent with ample room at the base, and it’s tall enough to allow one or two adults to stand up straight without bending. It’s 12.5 feet diagonally and about 8” tall.

The tent itself is dual-layers, an inner mesh layer and an outer polyester one, which keeps you warm and cozy on breezy days.

An added benefit of this is that if you are using it to camp in the backyard, you can separate the two layers and use it as two kiddie tents instead of one, which is pretty cool. (Not recommended in a real campsite setting). You’d still need a separate center pole to set up the second tent. But that’s okay.

Setup is pretty simple. You set up the side poles, stake it, set up both the layers of fabric, and then install the center pole and lift it up. It’s not a one-person installation, though, especially for the bigger capacity tents.

There are mesh windows on all sides, as well as an awning to keep your shoes dry when the weather gods frown.


  • Capacity: Perfect for four adults
  • Dimensions: 12.5 feet diagonally and 7.9 feet peak height
  • Style: Dome or Teepee styled
  • Windows: Windows with 2000D PU & 3000MM Mesh
  • Waterproof Rating: NA
  • Material: Rustproof steel frame and 150D Oxford fabric
  • Compact tent with ample room
  • Teepee style design allows tall people to comfortably stand
  • Perfect for a small family
  • Strong steel poles and waterproof oxford fabric
  • Dual layers for insulation
  • Mesh windows and doors
  • The center pole can obstruct when you are trying to put two mattresses side by side
  • Teepees are generally not considered ideal for extremely windy conditions. This one’s rated for strong winds. But I doubt that it can hold up to really strong gusts.


The Vidalido dome-style tent can be a great option for smaller families and groups. It’s spacious, sturdy, and designed for all-weather use. Not overly priced either. Definitely one of the best tents for families.

#3 – Coleman Sundome Tent – Budget Option

The Sundome is Coleman’s versatile tent for families and travelers on a tight budget. It’s a cabin-styled tent that’s available in 2, 3, 4 & 6 people capacities.

The largest one is 10 feet x 10 feet in dimensions and stands 6 feet tall at the center. Not bad at all at this price point.

This is a very thoughtfully designed tent. It features a bathtub-styled floor, which clubbed with the welded corners and inverted seams, will keep the insides dry and warm on a rainy day.

On a hot day, you can flip open the large mesh windows in case the ground vents don’t keep the interiors airy enough.

There are multiple storage pockets for frequently used, quick-access items, and there’s an E-port in case you are craving for power in the wilderness. We personally don’t, but there are families who would like to have access to power inside the tent.

The frame is made of 11mm shock-corded fiberglass, which is pretty sturdy even in winds as strong as 35 mph. The outer material is Polyguard 2X double-thick fabric. Super strong and will hold up pretty well to the elements.

Installation is as simple as it gets. Setup the side poles, stake them in, and then pull the tent up. Folding, though, is a little tricky. I wonder who writes the instructions for these tents. Gosh, it’s awful!


  • Capacity: 2, 3, 4 & 6 people
  • Dimensions: 10’ x 10’, 6’ peak height
  • Style: Cabin styled
  • Windows: Mesh Windows and ground vents
  • Waterproof Rating: NA
  • Material: Polyguard 2X double-thick fabric & 11mm shock-corded fiberglass poles
  • Features: E-port, door awning, Storage pockets
  • Budget-priced tent for family camping
  • Available in different capacities
  • Bathtub-styled flooring with inverted seams
  • Weather-resistant fabric with sturdy fiberglass poles
  • Easy setup
  • Mesh windows and ground vents
  • A little tricky to dismantle
  • The stakes that come with it are a little flimsy. Be careful when you stake them on hard ground
  • Poorly written instructions


The Coleman Sundown is the best tent for families on a shoestring budget. It ticks most of the boxes that I look for while considering a family tent. Sure, it may not be the absolute best out there. But at this price point, it’s pretty feature-rich.

#4 – Ozark Trail 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent – Premium Option

Let me tell you this right off the bat. The only reason why I didn’t choose the Ozark Trail 9-person tent is that it’s oversized for my family.

Else, it’s by far the best tent for family camping on this list.

It is a cabin-styled tent that’s 14’ x 13.5’ in dimension, which means that it can easily sleep up to 9 adults or an extended family with pets, like ours. It’s 7’ tall, which means that it’s as good as a small apartment room.

Don’t let the size overwhelm you, though. It’s designed for quick, easy setup, and two people should be able to install it in less than 10-minutes. The poles come pre-attached. All that you need to do is stake them and pull the tent up.

The frame is made of heavy-duty steel, while the tent material is thick Polyester. Even the rainfly comes factory sealed, so there are zero chances of rips or tears. This is definitely an all-weather tent, and irrespective of whether you are camping in rain or snow, it should keep you bone dry.

I really like the organization that it offers. There are pockets for storing frequently-used items, like flashlights, there’s an electrical cord for power access, and there’s a divider, in case you want to separate the space into two rooms.


  • Capacity: 9 adults
  • Dimensions: 14’ x 13.5’, 7’ peak height
  • Style: Cabin styled
  • Windows: Large Mesh windows
  • Waterproof Rating: NA
  • Material: Thick Polyester & heavy-duty steel poles
  • Features: Gear pockets, electrical cord access, divider to separate the rooms
  • The perfect tent for large groups and families
  • Comfortably sleeps up to 9 adults
  • Designed for easy setup with preinstalled poles
  • 18 Steel stakes to secure the tent
  • Heavy-duty construction for all-weather use
  • Easy gear organization and power access
  • None that I can think of, except that it’s huge and a little pricey, maybe?


If the price doesn’t bother you, then don’t even think twice. Just buy the Ozark 9-person cabin styled tent. It’s the most premium offering on this list. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better pick.

#5 – CAMPROS 6-Person Camping Tent – Best 6-Person Tent

Are you a family of 6? Here’s a tent that takes the guesswork out of how much space you really need.

This is the Campros 6-person camping tent, and it’s an absolute beaut!

It’s 11’ x 7’ and stands 6’ tall at peak height. So there’s ample room for a small family and their additional sundry details.

It should easily accommodate one Queen and one twin-sized mattress, or 6-sleeping bags. Bonus points for the height.

The tent is made of 185T polyester, which is rated for 1000mm of rainfall. The poles are Steel Fiber Reinforced Polymer, and you can instantly make out that this is designed for camping in tough weather conditions.

There is one large door and 4-large windows, all mesh-covered, of course, to keep the creepy crawlies out. In addition to this, there’s also a mesh roof, in case the kids want to stargaze as they doze away.

It’s a two-person setup. But a fairly easy one at that. Once you are done camping, everything folds nicely and disappears into a carry bag that comes with it.


  • Capacity: 6 adults
  • Dimensions: 11’ x 7’, 6’ peak height
  • Style: Cabin styled
  • Windows: 4 x Large Mesh windows, one mesh roof
  • Waterproof Rating: 1000mm
  • Material: 185T polyester & Steel Fiber Reinforced Polymer poles
  • Features: Storage pockets, Electrical cord access, hooks for hanging
  • A large tent for six adults
  • Tough 185T polyester and steel reinforced fiber poles
  • Designed for use in all-weather conditions
  • Reasonably easy setup and dismantling
  • There’s only one zipper on the main door, which makes it a tad difficult to unzip the door. Two would have been better.


This is the best tent for family camping for a family of 6. It’s roomy, the construction is beefy, and it even has a mesh roof for kids.

#6 – CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent – Best 9 Person Tent

This 9-person family tent from Core is an absolute whopper.

It’s 14’ x 9’ in dimensions and stands 78” at peak height. That’s enough space to comfortably accommodate two queen-sized mattresses, with ample room to spare. Or nine sleeping bags, whatever you prefer.

The ‘Instant’ in the name stands for the effortless setup. Core suggests that two people can set the tent up in less than 60-seconds. Even if that’s not the case, you should have this up and running in less than 5-minutes tops. It’s pretty straightforward.

There’s a perfectly positioned detachable room divider that can turn this into a tent with two rooms. I also love the large T-door, which makes it so easy to get in and out of the tent.

Other notable features include storage pockets, a cord access port, and a large carry bag.

Coming to the ventilation and weather-resistance, both are top-notch in this tent. It ships with sturdy telescopic steel poles and 68D polyester fabric on the outside.

 You have adjustable ground vents that allow a generous flow of air into the tent, and a large mesh roof panel, that allows hot air to escape. All windows and the door have a privacy panel as well.

In case you are out camping in freezing weather, the heat-sealed rainfly ensures that everything’s hermetically sealed. You stay in, while the elements stay out.


  • Capacity: 9 adults
  • Dimensions: 14’ x 9’, 7 ½’ peak height
  • Style: Cabin styled
  • Windows: Large Mesh Windows with privacy panels and T-Door, Mesh roof panels
  • Waterproof Rating: NA
  • Material: 68D Polyester & telescopic steel poles
  • Features: Storage pockets, cord access port, and carry bags
  • Capacious tents for large families
  • Panel to divide it into two rooms
  • Excellent ventilation and weather sealing
  • Durable construction with telescopic steel poles and 68D Polyester
  • 60-second setup
  • Comes with a wire-type stake as opposed to solid steel ones
  • No tie-up straps on the windows


Large families and groups looking for a capacious ‘Instant’ tent would love this 9-person cabin tent from Core. It has ample living space and remains completely sealed against the elements. Check it out here.

#7 – Core 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent – Best 10-Person Tent

Here’s Core’s largest Cabin Tent with straight walls, for large groups or two families even.

It’s 14’ x 10,’ and can easily accommodate ten sleeping bags side by side, or two Queen sized mattresses with additional room for luggage.

Tall adults will appreciate the ample headroom or legroom on offer.

It’s as sturdy as you expect it from Core. The frame poles are a combination of 16mm steel and 12.5mm Fiberglass, while the fabric is 68D Polyester.

To add to this, the tent has all of Core’s innovative design features, such as the adjustable air vents on the bottom, the removable partition, the panoramic mesh ceiling for stargazing, and the large double door for quick access.

There are a few storage pockets to keep your gear organized, and the rainfly is heat-sealed. So you can be rest assured that come rain or snow, you will stay warm and dry.

It’s not an ‘Instant’ tent. But the setup is fairly simple. If you have set up tents with telescopic poles in the past, it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

The biggest difference that I noticed from the Core 9-person tent is that the stakes that come with this one are solid 7mm steel ones, as opposed to the wire-type ones.


  • Capacity: 10 adults
  • Dimensions: 14’ x 10’, 7 ½’ peak height
  • Style: Cabin styled with straight walls
  • Windows: Large Mesh Windows with privacy panels and T-Door, Mesh roof panels
  • Waterproof Rating: NA
  • Material: 68D Polyester & telescopic steel and fiberglass poles. Solid steel stakes
  • Features: Storage pockets, Gear Lock, Lantern hook, cord access port, and carry bags
  • Spacious tent for ten people
  • The straight-walled design gives you max floor space
  • Completely weather sealed
  • Tough Construction
  • Weighs 35.5 lb. This is a bulky tent, which is to be expected given the size.


Apart from the weight of the folded package, which doesn’t bother me too much, the Core 10-person tent is, hands down, one of the best tents for families with more than 7-8 people. You can read more details about it over here.

#8 – Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room – Best family tent with screen room

If you are camping in windy or rainy conditions, you might want to check out this dome-style tent from Coleman. With the dome-shape, it thwarts winds and holds up phenomenally well in stormy conditions.

Why, I spoke to a family who had used this in Maryland during Hurricane Mathew. They said it kept them bone dry while rains and wind lashed the campsite. That’s testimony enough.

Just like most of Coleman’s tents, it features welded corners and inverted seams with a factory-sealed rainfly. That translates into bone dry interiors at all times.

Also, it comes with a dedicated screen room, which can be used for storage or as a lounge, if you are camping in an area with a view. It is mesh protected, which means the bugs stay out while you get to lounge around lazily. This also doubles up as an extra full-sized sleeping room, the weather permitting, of course.  

Almost forgot to mention that this is a very capacious tent, that’s 15’ x 12’. It should easily accommodate up to 10 adults or two queen-sized mattresses.


  • Capacity: 7-10 adults (Coleman surprisingly rates it for 8)
  • Dimensions: 15’ x 12’, 6’ peak height
  • Style: Dome Styled
  • Windows: Large zippered windows with awnings, Mesh roof
  • Waterproof Rating: NA
  • Material: 68D Polyester & steel poles
  • Features: Storage pockets, full-sized screen room for lounging
  • Tough construction that holds up well to extreme weather
  • Coleman’s patented WeatherTec™ System
  • Capacious interiors
  • Screen room for lounging
  • Windows with awnings
  • Setup will take 15-20 minutes at least despite the continuous pole sleeves


There aren’t many family tents this big. If you like to travel with tons of luggage, or if you are a family of 6 or 7, who camp in windy, wet conditions, then I highly recommend the Coleman Evanston 8-person tent. Check it out now.

Best Tent Brands

A picture showing Many tents at a festival campsite

Family tents are quite different from the tents used by professional hikers and mountaineers.

These are designed to be spacious, comfortable and offer reasonable protection from the elements in case the weather turns truant without warning.

There are two tent brands that stand out in this category.

  1. Core: Core Equipment, also called Core, is a small outdoor equipment brand based in Kansas City that has made huge inroads into the camping and outdoor space in a limited time. Their products include Tents, lights, chairs, and sleeping bags. These are well suited for families because they are available in a variety of sizes (check our list) at pocket-friendly price points. 
  2. Coleman: Coleman probably needs no introduction, do they? They are one of the biggest brands that have been in the business for over a century. They are considered to be one of the best tent brands for quality products that don’t cost an arm and a leg. The weather sealing and rugged construction of their tents make them a go-to brand for families and professional outdoorsmen alike.

Best Tents for Families – Buying Guide

A picture showing a Family Enjoying Camping Holiday In Countryside

When looking for the best family tent, there are several factors to consider and questions to ask, such as:

Tent Sleeping Capacity

The first thing that you should keep in mind when shopping for a new tent is how sizable your group is and how much extra space you might end up needing for gear, pets, etc.

Still, there isn’t an industry-standard out there that determines per-person tent dimensions. My advice is to always consider getting something that’s bigger by 1 person, especially if you have a companion or you yourself are: large, claustrophobic, have a child or a pet dog, etc.

Tents Seasonality

3-Season Tents

3-season tents are perhaps the most popular type of tents for a number of different reasons. For one, they’re pretty lightweight, and as the name already suggests, they are made for three seasons (spring, summer, and fall).

Additionally, they come equipped with panels that are made out of ample mesh to improve airflow as well as keeping out insects. And while these tents can easily withstand downpours, they suffer a lot in harsh winter weather (storms, snow, heavy rain).

3-4-Season Tents

Extended season (3+) tents are made for prolonged usage and are mainly versatile during the summer but can also work perfectly during spring and fall. The best extended season tents for families offer a balanced combination of ventilation and durability.

They usually come with 1 or 2 more poles and fewer mesh panels than regular 3-season tents. This makes them sturdier and warmer. However, if you’re someone who regularly camps in harsh weather conditions, then I still recommend that you go for a 4-season tent instead.

4-Season Tents

These tents are designed to withstand extremely harsh weather conditions such as snowstorms. This is basically the main difference between them and regular 3-season and 3+ season tents.

This endurance is achieved through the inclusion of more poles, heavier materials, and a rounded dome design. Such a design choice will come at the cost of ventilation; however, this won’t be that big of a problem since you’ll mainly be using one during winter, where warmth is supreme, and ventilation isn’t a necessity.

Best Tent for Family Camping: Key Features to Consider

Peak Height

This is an essential factor to consider when looking for the best tent for family camping.

If you wish to be able to stand up high when changing clothes or something, then you should look for a tent with a relatively tall peak height. Tents come in two main designs, which have unique height characteristics, they are:

  • Cabin-style tents come with near-vertical walls that maximize peak height and space. Some of the best cabin-style tents for families even come with room dividers, an awning, and much more.
  • Dome-style tents have a pretty tall ceiling in the center, but their walls obviously have a slope that reduces livable space the more you move out of the center. However, they come with the added benefits of a sturdier design and great wind-shedding abilities, two features that you will very much appreciate on a wintery night.

Tent Floor Length

If you or any of your family members is on the tall side of things (6 feet and over), or you’d just appreciate the extra space, then consider getting a tent with a floor-length of at least 90 inches instead of the regular 84-88 inches ones.

Tent Doors

Another key factor to keep in mind when shopping for a tent is the number of doors you might need as well as their shape and positioning. Since you’ll probably be camping with your family, the best tents for such a case are ones that come with numerous doors. Cabin-style tents shine in this area.

One more thing that you should keep an eye on in regard to the doors is how easy to open and noisy they can be. The best tents for families have door zippers that are both easy to open and hard to break.

Tent Poles

Another critical factor to consider when hunting for the best tent for family camping is what kind of poles you need.

A tent’s pole formation will give you an idea of how easy or hard it is to fling around when subjected to harsh weather conditions. Most family tents nowadays are freestanding. In other words, they don’t require any stakes to set up. The big advantage of this is obviously the ability to quickly pick the tent up and move it around prior to staking it in place.  

It’s an easy correlation. The fewer the poles, the faster the setup will be. Poles come in different materials, with the best family tents usually having aluminum ones instead of something like fiberglass.


Rainflies are separate waterproof covers that fit over the roof of the actual tent. Only use it when needed. That includes wanting to retain a little extra warmth too. Rainflies come in two main types: roof-only rainflies, which offer decent rain protection but let a decent amount of light through, and full-coverage rainflies, which sacrifice lighting for more protection.

Tent Materials

Tent materials are also a factor that you should keep an eye on when shopping for a tent. High-denier fabric canopies and rainflies are obviously more rugged than low denier-ones. Tents can also include a high-denier fabric floor that’ll help reduce the odds of leakage.

Vestibules / Garage

These attach to your tent for the purpose of storing things to protect them from the rain, for example. It can be anything from your muddy boots to your precious packs. These awnings or shelters either come built-in with the rainfly or sold separately.


The best family tents in the markets have ceilings, doors, and windows that are made out of mesh panels. This allows the tent to stay properly ventilated. If you plan on mainly using the tent during hot months, then the larger the mesh panels, the better.

Interior Loops and Pockets

Lantern loops are usually placed at the top center of a tent’s ceiling for, you figured it, hanging a lantern. There are ones that belong in the tent walls, though, which are used to attach a mesh shelf where you can keep small items that you don’t want on the floor. Same thing for interior pockets, but they tend to be sturdier than mesh shelves, obviously.

Guy-out Loops

More expensive family tents will usually include loops on the outside that you can use to attach guy lines, which allow you to batten down the hatches to prevent the tent walls from flapping due to heavy winds.

How to Choose the Best Family Tent

When looking for the best tent for family camping, consider the following factors:

Ease of Setup

Nothing is more frustrating than finally finding a proper camping spot, only to then have to suffer through setting up a tent. Fortunately, though, most modern-day tents are pretty easy to set up; some even take less than 10 minutes!

Elements that might indicate the ease of setup or lack thereof are whether the tent quickly snaps onto the poles or not and whether it needs any extra adjustment once erected.


The best tents for family camping are the ones that come with a certain degree of versatility (inclusion of a rainfly, a footprint, door tie back, etc.). And while mountaineering tents and backpacking tents excel in this department, most standard campsite tents tend to be versatile in one way or another.


You’ll notice that many of the best tents for families are made out of nylon or Polyester. Ripstop nylon, for instance, is an incredibly lightweight material that is highly durable as well as waterproof (to some extent).

There are brands that opt for Polyester instead, which offers equal levels of waterproofing and durability, especially when it’s weather-treated.


The true value of a tent comes down to more than its price tag. Instead, it’s a combination of the three above-mentioned factors and the price.

Still, as is the case with almost any product out there, if you’re willing to pay a premium, you’ll most likely get something premium.

Trust Your Instincts

At the end of the day, regardless of what factors I told you to focus on, the choice will be yours and yours only. My advice is simple: trust your gut. That’s the key to buying something that’s good for you.

And while this article or any other piece of advice or feedback that you might find online are very helpful, you’ll need to include your own intuition in the equation when shopping for the best tent for your family camping.

Set a Budget

Setting a budget is perhaps the first step that you should take before delving into anything else, especially since we’re talking about a product where prices range from as little as $50 to as much as over $5000.

Features such as 4-season material, advanced pole mechanisms, and such can greatly affect the price of a tent. So, before you start comparing tents, choose a price range that is within your budget first and go from there.

Do Your Research

When looking for the best tent for family camping, you’ll need to do some thorough research in relation to your needs and preferences.

For instance, if you’re into the idea of hiking to your campgrounds, then you’ll want to focus on weight and packability. On the other hand, if you’re a family camper and you’d drive to the campgrounds, then going for a spacious and comfortable yet heavy tent is probably the way to go.

Doing proper research will help you to easily narrow down your options for what might be the best tent for you and your family.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Family Tent

If you buy the best tent for family camping, then it’ll provide you with most of what you’d expect from it for a long period of time. However, you’ll still have to do a couple of things to properly maintain it and prevent any unwarranted complications.

  • Wash-up: there are facilities out there that can do the washing up for you. I recommend that you go for one of them since washing up the tent yourself can easily go wrong, leading up to the formation of mold. However, if you’re certain of your abilities, a simple google search will give you all the steps that you’ll need to follow.
  • Avoid cooking in your tent. Only do it when there is no other choice.
  • Keep the zips either fully open or fully closed to elevate any unnecessary load off of them.
  • Don’t hang any laundry in or over the tent. This can damage the canvas, hurting its water-resistance as a result.
  • Don’t let anything lean against the tent from the outside. People mistakenly do this with chairs.

Here’s how to clean a tent by REI:

Here’s how to waterproof a tent by REI:

The Best Tents for Families – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Tent Accessories Should I Consider Getting?

Getting your outdoor adventures to the next level doesn’t stop at choosing the best tent for family camping, as you also need to consider some accessories, such as:


A footprint is a custom-fitted ground cloth that goes under your tent floor and is usually sold separately. While tent floors tend to be tough and durable, the dirt, rocks, and twigs under them will eventually take a toll.

In my opinion, you shouldn’t think twice about getting a footprint since no matter how costly it can be (they usually aren’t), it’ll surely cost far less than having to replace the tent due to floor damage. Additionally, footprints are custom-fitted. In other words, they won’t catch water or any other debris like a generic ground cloth.

The best tents for family camping out there are the ones that have well-designed and properly fitted footprints that you can get your hands on for a reasonable price tag.

Here’s a model that I recommend:

Gear Loft

Most tents come with a few integral pockets to help you store small items that shouldn’t rest on the tent floor. An interior gear loft is a mesh shelf that can hold sizeable belongings of yours without an issue.

Here’s a model that I recommend checking out:

Other Accessories

  • Tent repair kit
  • Inside floor mat
  • Outside floor mat
  • Battery-powered ventilation fan
  • Stakes and anchors
  • Etc.

Why Should I Go Family Camping?

Are you questioning whether you should go camping or not?

Does taking your family on a camping trip come with a lot of “What Ifs”?

Well, if you’re new to this, then I can’t really blame you. After all, you can’t just spend your hard-earned cash on the best tent for family camping if you’re not convinced that it’s a great activity for the family.

Here are a few reasons why you should do it:

You and Your Whole Family Can Learn More About Nature

If this is your first family camping trip or you’re going somewhere new, then you’ll definitely be surrounded by numerous unfamiliar sights. Such sights will drive you and your children’s curiosity and help them learn a lot of new things about nature in general.

Bringing a camping guide book of some sorts or a local field guide can also be a great addition to properly learn about the plant and animal life in the area.

It’s Healthy!

The essence of camping is to experience nature at its fullest, outside, breathing fresh air in the process, and doing energetic activities.

You’ll also find yourself sleeping well (and more) at night, mainly due to the constant moving around for the sake of exploration and such.

You can also go the extra mile and avoid using artificial lighting at all times, which will help your body to properly reset your circadian rhythm, experiencing fewer sleep disruptions or insomnia as a result.

It’s a Great Way to Create Family Bonds and Memories

Camping as a family is one of the best ways to create new bonds or solidify existing ones, as well as to add numerous memorable memories.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick the best tent for family camping and hit the road already!

Best Tents for Families: Verdict

That sums up my recommendations for the best tent for families.

I hope that you can use this article to find the ideal camping tent for your family, or at least use it as a starting point for your research.

To provide you with a quick refresher, my personal pick is the OT QOMOTOP. I picked it because it was roomy, had all the basic features that I was looking for, was sturdy, easy to set up, and it was not overpriced.

That was my basic checklist, and the QOMOTOP fit in beautifully.

What’s your checklist while looking for the best tent for the family?

Do write to us in the comments section below. I’d love to hear your feedback!


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