Blundstone 550 vs 500 – Which Boots Reign Supreme?

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Blundstone is a company from the land down under Australia, and they specialize in making stylish yet versatile boots. In other words, they can be worn when you’re out hiking or during formal occasions without an issue.

In addition to being comfortable footwear, these boots will protect your feet from the elements as well as potential injuries at all times.

The company’s two main models are the original 500 and the upgraded 550. And this article is basically a Blundstone 550 vs 500 comparison, which will highlight the key features of each model as well as the differences between them.

Blundstone 550 vs 500: In a Nutshell

Reasons to Buy the Blundstone 550

  • Better shock resistance
  • TPU coating
  • Lightweight

Reasons to Buy the Blundstone 500

  • Cheaper

Blundstone 500

Before pitting the Blundstone 550 vs 500, it is important to first talk about each model in full detail. First off, there is the 500, which is the original series of boots. This series is what made Blundstone a household name in the manufacturing of boots.

They are aesthetically appealing, enabling you to wear them on both informal and formal occasions. And on top of their overall stylishness, they are quite durable and will protect your feet at all times, for a long time.

Additionally, they come with a Cambrelle footbed which offers an extra layer of cushioning at the level of the midsole for superb support under your feet. Moreover, this football helps to keep the inside of the boots dry even if you’re sweating or walking through wet terrain. If you’re one of the people who prefer a “rougher feel” to their boots, you could always remove the footbed.

The 500s also come with a shock prevention system. It helps to reduce the shock of high impacts by around 33%. In other words, if you’re suffering from front joint pain, then this technology will be extremely helpful.

The upper of the shoe is seamlessly fused to the outsole, which means the chances of fraying or tearing are extremely low. The outsole itself comes with dual density layering to help soften your stride as well as provide extra support when you’re on the move.

Even though the Blundstone 500 retains the appeal of the original design, it has gone through numerous changes and upgrades over the years. For instance, the boots come with convenient pull-loops that make it extremely easy to pull them on or off. There is also the addition of a molded, reinforced heel that offers better traction and stability.

The outside of the sole is made out of a rubber TPU coating that is both acid and oil-resistant. It also boasts enough grip and traction to take easily take you across tough terrains. Additionally, it’s durable enough, and as a result, it won’t wear don’t fast. It has another layer, which consists of soft polyurethane, and its sole job, pun totally intended, is to increase the support and comfort for your feet.

Blundstone 550

The Blundstone 550 is advertised as being the bigger, better brother of the 500 at a heftier price tag. So, the question that comes to mind right now is: are those improvements worth the extra money you’ll be paying?

First off, the 550 has been designed with an upgraded shock absorption system. In other words, they will absorb most of the shock every time they hit the ground without damaging your grip or flexibility.

Second, the boots have leather uppers that are treated with a WeatherSealed coating, making them water-resistant. However, you have to keep in mind that the boots aren’t fully waterproof, but they will stay relatively dry if you use them when it’s raining, or you walk through shallow puddles.

Some boots offer flawless waterproofing, but it comes at the cost of breathability. Fortunately for you, this isn’t the case for the Blundstone 550. I own a pair myself and can confirm that they are breathable enough to keep air flowing in and around your feet at all times.

Moreover, the boots’ outsoles come with built-in steel shanks. These allow you to properly dig your feet into the ground for extra stability. This won’t have any drawbacks on your boots since their elastic components will always snap back into their original shape regardless of how often they’re stretched.

Most of the boot components are properly stitched together. The seams, however, feature reinforced stitching done using two needles and a thread for extra durability.

Another element that was upgraded from the original 500 is the midsole. It’s layered with Poron XRD cushioning in the heel strike zones. These will absorb way more shock than the original 500.

Blundstone 550 vs 500 – Differences

All of the 500’s construction features are present in the 550. To put it simply, every positive aspect of the 500 is well-integrated into the construction of the 550.

The only differences that you’ll notice when pitting the Blundstone 550 vs 500 are the improvements and upgrades that were integrated into the 550.

For one, the 550 has better shock absorption in comparison to the 500 due to the combination of an upgraded shock absorption system and foam. The 550 is also more water-resistant, thanks to its water-repelling coating.

Improvements can also be seen on the level of the outsoles. Both models make use of dual layering to provide proper support and comfort. However, the 550 comes with the addition of steel shanks, which help to dig into the ground, preventing any potential sliding.

Blundstone 500 vs 550 – Final Comparison

Both boots are high quality, offering all the style, comfort, and durability that you’d ever need. The 550 takes all the great features of the 500 and adds some improvements to them. But this upgrade comes with a noticeable increase in price.

If you’re leaning towards the 500s, then go for it. I highly recommend them; they are extremely durable and quite versatile. Their design offers a comfortable, shock-resistant experience that is unparalleled in the market right now. So, if you’re a boots enthusiast and you’re kind of on a budget, these are a great choice.

For those who are more passionate about their boots, however, and expect to use them a lot without any letdowns, the 550 is a worthy contender. As I’ve repeatedly mentioned before, they are an upgraded version of the 500, featuring improved shock absorption, better traction and stability, as well as water resistance. It’s true that you’ll be paying more for these than the 500, but the bump to the price is totally worth it, trust me.


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