Can You Wakeboard Behind a Deck Boat? Truth Revealed!

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Getting into wakeboarding can get really expensive really fast. From the right bindings, clothing, and other accessories to more hefty items budget-wise such as the wakeboard itself and, of course, the boat behind which you’re going to ride.

That’s why one has to work with what he has sometimes, such as using a pontoon or deck boat instead of a specialized v-drive boat for wakeboarding.

That brings us to a really important question: can you wakeboard behind a deck boat?

The short answer is yes you can, but there’s more to the matter than whether you can simply do it or not.

So, with no further ado, let’s answer your question “can you wakeboard behind a deck boat?”

Can You Wakeboard Behind a Deck Boat?

Yes, it is indeed possible to ride your wakeboard behind a deck board, but there’s something you’ll need to keep in mind: deck boats are hard to control once they reach substantial speeds.

Deck boats do make a sizeable wake when plowing water at 20 mph, but once they hit 22 mph, they start to plane out and speed way up, making it difficult to control the speed, which is necessary for a successful wakeboarding session.

On the bright side, deck boats are far cheaper than V-drive boats designed for wakeboarding. What’s even better is that several deck boats come with wakeboarding options right out of the box, making them the right option for countless wakeboarders.

So, when should you get a deck boat for wakeboarding?

Well, there are two scenarios in which getting a deck boat for wakeboarding would be the right decision:

  • You’re on a budget and don’t want to spend wads of cash on a specialized wakeboarding boat.
  • You intend to use the boat for several activities and not just wakeboarding, such as boating with friends.

If you can relate to either of that, then, by all means, go ahead! Just make sure that you know what you’re doing when it comes to driving and controlling the boat, and you shall be fine.

How to Buy a Boat for the First Time

Buying a boat is a heavy investment, and as such, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. If it’s your first time buying a boat, here’s how you should go about it:

Choose Your Boat’s Type

Boats are specialized, so make sure what you buy can take care of all your intended water activities, whether they be wakeboarding, cruising with friends, skiing, etc. Keep in mind that some boats are suitable for different kinds of activities, which is the case for deck boats, as mentioned above.

Determine Whether You Want a Used or a New Boat

Sometimes, it’s not a matter of what you want, but what you can afford. Although going for a brand-new boat is always better, there’s nothing wrong with a used boat if you’re on a budget. Just make sure to buy it from a reputable seller and to get an expert’s opinion before making up your mind.

It’s Shopping Time!

Once you’re ready to get your new boat, the first place you should check is the internet, as, there, you can compare models, prices, features, and everything in between from the comfort of your couch. Once you’ve narrowed down your options to a select few, you need to go out and check the boats in person to make sure that they look as good in real life as they do in pictures.

Inspect the Boat Before Buying

If you’re opting for a used boat, make sure to inspect it thoroughly before making up your mind. That especially applies if a deal seems too good to be true. In that case, it’s crucial to dig deep, far beyond what the seller wants you to see.

To do so, start with a walk-through. Next, go for a sea trial to see whether you enjoy being on the boat underway. Finally, have the boat hauled as too much is hidden below the waterline. Consider hiring a surveyor as a final step as most insurance companies will require a recent survey to cover a boat.

Make Sure the Boat Includes Everything You Need

Of course, what’s included with the boat will depend on what kind of watercraft you’re looking to buy and whether you’re opting for a new or a used one. Just make sure that any piece of equipment that the seller has promised is indeed included with the boat.

Close the Deal!

When you’re negotiating the final price, checking for online fraud, and taking care of the paperwork, it’s crucial to steer away from emotions, as they may blind your judgment, especially if you’re in love with the boat you’re trying to buy.

What to Consider When Looking for a Wakeboarding Boat

Whether you’re getting a v-drive boat or a deck boat for your next wakeboarding adventure, there are several things to consider before pulling out your credit card, including:


The first thing that you need to consider is your budget. Grab a cup of coffee and determine how much you’re willing to spend on a boat without breaking the bank. Keep in mind that it’s not only the boat’s initial cost that you should consider, but also continuous expanses, such as maintenance, registration fees, transportation, storage, and other expenses related to owning your own boat for wakeboarding.

It’s important to start with your budget before checking the available options as that will narrow down your choices to what you can really afford. Besides, being on a budget is one of the main reasons that make people wonder “can you wakeboard on a deck boat?”.

Build-In Support for Wake Accessories

Even if you can’t afford to add wake tabs, towers, and accessories to your boat when you’re buying it, you should at least look for a deck boat that offers support for such options. After all, you’re going to need them if you want to get yourself and your family the best wakeboarding experience.

Size, Weight, and Performance

This is yet another essential feature to consider for several reasons. For starters, a smaller boat with a powerful engine would be a better option when it comes to wakeboarding, as it would allow you to make tighter turns and accelerate faster. On the flip side, a compact boat won’t hold as many passengers as a larger one, and it will have fewer features. In other words, it all boils down to your own preferences when it comes to picking the right boat size.

Extra Features and Amenities

If you’re planning to use your boat for more than just wakeboarding, which is probably the case if you’re planning to use a deck boat for this activity, you ought to look for a boat with extra amenities and features, such as a cooler, refrigerator, hot water shower, etc.

Some Boat Options That Can Make Wakeboarding Better

Now that we’ve answered your question “can you wakeboard behind a deck boat?”, let’s take a look at some boat options that can make your experience wakeboarding behind a deck boat superior:

Wakeboard Tower

The tower provides a lift to the rider, making it easier for him to control the wakeboard. It also helps with organization, as it keeps all the equipment and gear off the floor by storing it inside its rack.

3-Vent Heater

If you want to make the water sports season last substantially longer, get yourself a 3-vent heater that can make spring and fall days warmer.

Hot Water Shower

This is yet another great option if you don’t want the water sports season to end fast. With a hot water shower on board, November days will be a helluva lot more tolerable.

Depth Finder

A depth finder is a great tool to avoid pesky underwater farmer walls and submerged mountains that can wreak havoc on the propeller of your boat.

Digital Servo Speedometer w/ Dual Pickups

A useful option to have if you want to get an accurate indication of speed without having to remove seaweed from the pickups every other minute.

Mushroom Anchors

If you want your boat to be as environment-friendly as possible, you ought to get a mushroom anchor, which does less damage to the lake’s bed than the traditional kind. These days, many lakes only allow mushroom anchors.


In short, don’t disregard wakeboats, are they’re – hey, surprise! – more suitable for wakeboarding, but you shouldn’t shy away from deck boats either, as one of them might be the right choice for you.

Related Questions:

  • Do you need a special boat to wakeboard? If you’re looking for a great ride, then you should go with a towboat. That said, several kinds of boats can be used for wakeboarding, such as deck boards, as discussed above.


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