Leatherman Skeletool vs Skeletool CX – Which Is the Best EDC Multitool?

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Are you on the lookout for a brand new knife?

Well, look no further than here because the boys at Leatherman got you covered.

And while a simple google search would tell you that the Leatherman Skeletool multitool was released years ago, this still doesn’t change the fact that it still is one of the best all-around knives that you can get your hands on in the market right now.

Its unique compact design houses 7 different tools. Its pliers, which are exposed when the knife is unfolded, are made of incredibly sturdy, corrosion-resistant, high carbon stainless steel.

You’ll find two kinds of pliers, regular ones as well as needle nose ones. Additionally, there are regular wire cutters and hard-wire cutters, a screwdriver (supports multiple head options), and a bottle opener.

And of course, the Skeletool multitool comes with either a regular straight blade knife or a serrated combo one, depending on which model you buy. Both models also feature a safety blade locking feature.

These two models are the regular version of the Skeletool knife and the Skeletool CX, an “upgrade” of some sorts that features a black DLC – coating for starters to differentiate it from the regular one.

This article puts the Leatherman Skeletool vs Skeletool CX to highlight the differences between the two and to give you a better idea of which one you should go for.

Leatherman Skeletool vs Skeletool CX: In a Nutshell

Reasons to Get the Skeletool CX

  • Durable stainless steel 154CM blade
  • A great knife that’s perfect for complex tasks
  • Easier to sharpen and maintain

Reasons to Get the Skeletool

  • Comes in three color schemes
  • Features a serrated blade that’s perfect for cutting rope
  • Cheaper

Leatherman Skeletool vs Skeletool CX: Differences


Materials-wise, the main difference between the regular Skeletool and the CX is the blade steel. The original knife uses 420 stainless steel, while the CX uses 154 CM stainless steel, a clear upgrade.

In practice, this means that when pitting the Leatherman Skeletool vs Skeletool CX, the CX’s blade can hold its edge about three times longer than the regular knife due to the way the 154 CM stainless steel is produced.

Design and Appearance

It’s only logical that the two knives look very similar. However, there is one obvious difference that one cannot miss, and that is the color choices. The original Skeletool knife comes in three color choices, regular stainless steel, blue, and green.

On the other hand, the Skeletool CX is only available in one color option, which features a black frame. Such a color scheme makes it look professional, similar to the regular Skeletool’s stainless steel option, but with a modern touch to it.

Design-wise, both knives are carefully constructed to offer flawless one-handed operation. All of the features and tools are easily accessible using only one hand, allowing you to use the other one to handle other tasks at hand (no pun intended).

Additionally, both models feature a pocket clip that enables you to carry the Skeletool in various positions. Note that this clip is replaceable in both models. Last but not least, all of the built-in tools are outside-accessible, meaning you can quickly take out a tool of your choice without having to fully open the whole knife.

So, in regard to design and appearance, the Skeletool vs Skeletool CX comparison doesn’t have a clear winner, they’re very similar when it comes to design, but the regular Skeletool wins the cake appearance-wise, in my opinion, due to the multiple color options.


When pitting the regular Leatherman Skeletool vs Skeletool CX multitool, you’ll notice that they’re very similar in terms of dimensions. They also weigh about the same, 5 oz or 142 grams, to be exact. Their length when closed is about 4 inches. This might be a little on the longer side of things when compared to other multi-tools in the market, but it’s mainly due to the carabiner on the rear end, which is extremely useful, by the way, especially for attaching the Skeletool to other EDC tools.

So, this is less of a Skeletool vs Skeletool CX situation and more of a Skeletool and Skeletool CX one since they’re both equally lightweight and highly portable.

Built-in Tools

Tools-wise, the two models are almost identical, except for the knife itself. Those tools are regular pliers, needle nose pliers, regular wire cutters, hard wire cutters, a bottle opener, and a screwdriver.

The Leatherman Skeletool features a 420 HC combo knife with a partially serrated edge, making it perfect for tasks such as cutting ropes. However, the main drawback of this edge is that its plain is very limited, meaning it can’t be used for more demanding tasks.

On the other hand, you have Skeletool CX’s 154 CM straight edge knife and overall superior blade.

Still, both blades have their pros and cons. The CX’s seemingly perfect blade actually suffers in mundane tasks such as cutting through webbing or rope but shines in more complex ones and generally holds its edge way longer. Additionally, it’s extremely easy to sharpen it. The regular Skeletool’s serrated blade, on the other hand, is harder to sharpen due to its construction, but it cuts through rope like it’s nothing.

So, in regard to built-in tools, the Skeletool vs Skeletool CX comparison doesn’t have a clear winner since the only difference is the actual blade.

Skeletool vs Skeletool CX – Which Should You Use?

My conclusion from this Skeletool vs Skeletool CX comparison is that both knives are considerably excellent multi-tools that offer you anything you might need. I am a proud owner of the original knife for four years and counting, and I highly recommend both it and the upgraded CX to anyone who’s looking for a high-quality, easy-to-use, durable leatherman skeletool multi tool.

What about you? Which EDC multitool do you personally prefer? Share your experience in the comments!


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