The 10 Best Wakeboarding Lakes in Texas

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If you happen to be in Texas, then you can certainly find several ways to express your water sports tendencies. Snorkeling, diving, swimming, boating, skiing and jet skiing are all available in different lakes spread all across the state. When the weather gets hotter, there is no better way to spend your day but on a lake, especially if you’re a fan of wakeboarding.

Below, you’ll find the best wakeboarding lakes in Texas:

Best Wakeboarding Lakes in Texas

Lake Amistad

A picture showing LAKE AMISTAD
Credit: NPS

The first entry in our list is Lake Amistad. You’ll find it near Del Rio on the border. It was formed back in 1969 when the Rio Grande was dammed. The location makes it less populated than other lakes around Texas which, in addition to the sprawling clear waters of the lake, adds to the charm of the place.

The surface of the lake is shared between the united states and Mexico and it spans almost 70,000 surface acres. Whether you’re on a boat or just freely swimming, you can roam freely in waters or walled canyons. For the best fishing spots, you should try out the protective coves. There will be a lake use fee for any watercraft that need state registration. You’ll find 10 launch ramps in Amistad, but no fueling stations or boat rental. 


A picture showing LAKE TRAVIS

Lake Travis was created back in 1941, and it’s quite a big lake. Spanning over 60 miles in length, it winds with more than 271 miles of shoreline through the astounding Texas Hill Country. With it being near Austin and having crystal clear water and gorgeous surroundings, it’s no wonder that it’s one of the most popular recreational lakes in the region.

You’ll find over 20 marinas on this lake and renting is available if you want to. You’ll find things like party barges, pontoon boats, and houseboats. If you’re not into boats, you’ll find other water sports rentals such as Jet skis and Kayaks. You can stay there for prolonged periods of time if you book an entire vacation in one of the B&Bs and Hotels near the shores of Lake Travis. Also, make sure to visit the breweries and wineries of the area. You don’t want to miss those either.

Lake Conroe

A picture showing LAKE CONROE

With a short drive away from Houston, you’ll find yourself at 21,000 acres of Lake Conroe. Being so near to one of the largest cities of the united states, Lake Conroe became one of the most popular lakes in the area for recreational boaters.

The lake is 6 miles in width and 26 miles in length, and it provides watercraft and boat rentals alongside some of the best fishing spots you can find there. Combine the numerous wonderful waterfront communities populating the shore and the view of the Sam Houston National Forest on the north side of the lake and you’ve got yourself a great place.

Lake Lewisville


This lake is popular among the enthusiasts of water sports in Dallas. You can enjoy several different activities on lake Lewisville. You’ve got yourself sailboarding, sailing, jet-skiing, water skiing, swimming, fishing among other things. This huge lake is surrounded by several parks as well as numerous boat ramps and four marinas.

If you’ve come to party cove to have a little fun, then visiting this lake is highly recommended. You can rent party barges and boats if you don’t have your own. So, pick a watercraft, tie it with the watercraft of the folks around you, listen to some tunes, have some drinks and enjoy your stay.

Canyon Lake


Back in 1946, in the beautiful Hill Country area of Texas, the Guadalupe River was dammed. This led to the formation of the Canyon Lake. It is the Water Recreational Capital of Texas. Along the 80 miles of shoreline that it got, you’ll find several rental facilities as well as two marinas and 23 boat ramps.

Of all the activities that people enjoy there, the most popular one is tubing, but you’ll also find a bunch of people enjoying rainbow trout fishing. The lake is 16 miles away from New Braunfels, 40 miles away from San Antonio and 50 miles away from Austin.



While you’re visiting Austin and exploring its most important landmarks, you should do yourself a favor, and go pay a visit to one of the most beautiful lakes you’ll find. This lake is quite significant because of its close proximity to the center of the town, unlike other lakes like Lake Lady Bird of example, which can’t be accessed with motorized boats.

Most boats you’ll find there are pontoon boats thanks to the abundance of rentals nearby. But we were to recommend something, it won’t be that kind of boat.

When in Lake Austin, you better be cruising on a bowrider. A bowrider will provide you with a lot of space as well as more flexibility when sailing the waters of Lake Austin.

Lake Granbury


For all of you fishing enthusiasts looking for a peaceful trip in a nearby lake, Lake Granbury should be on your radar.

This narrow lake is located southwest of Dallas. Its tight surface is what makes it very suitable for fishing. And you won’t be bothered by any boaters looking for speed cruising as they would usually choose wider and more open lakes.

If you’re looking to catch some sunfish, striped bass, white bass, crappie, catfish or large-mouth bass, then this is your lucky day as you’ll find plenty of them in Lake Granbury. To top all of that off, you’ll be surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Texan nature.

Lake Texoma


One of the most significant features of Lake Texoma is its massive size. This is a huge body of water, one of the U.S.’s largest reservoirs actually. It’s situated between Oklahoma and Texas, which makes it suitable for different kinds of boaters.

Seeing how it very large in size, it’s quite suitable for folks with sailboats. You’ll notice a significant number of them whenever you visit. But with the great population of fish in the waters, you should also expect several fishing rigs and pontoons as well.



This is a lake that’s many people consider to be the best lake you’ll find on the eastern side of Texas. This is an almost-17-acre hidden gem that’s surrounded by pine trees. If you’re looking for a getaway from trouble and stress, then Lake O’ The Pines is your escape.

Since this lake is, as of now, not as populated as other lakes in the area, it will be the perfect place to take a large deck boat out for a ride. With a lot of space, you can just sit back and relax without having to worry about other boaters around you.

Best Wakeboarding Lakes in Texas: Highland Lakes


The highland lakes are made up of six bodies of water: Inks Lake, Lake Buchanan, Lake LBJ, Falls, Lake Marble, Lake Travis, and Lake Austin. They’re located in the center of Texas, and they provide the opportunity for picnicking, fishing, boating and a bunch of watersports. The longest among the Highland Lakes, Lake Travis became the most popular with its amazing landscape, luxurious marine facilities, world-class resorts, and numerous family activities.

Tips for Wakeboarding Beginners

This is a sport that rose to the scene back in the 80s of the last century. It replaced waterskiing in popularity ever since. This is due to the fact that wakeboards are much easier to get up on thanks to their wide shape as opposed to the thinner slalom skis. Besides that, they’re much accessible for anyone trying to perform aerial acrobatics. Even when it comes to speed, a wakeboard won’t require as much speed from the boat as a slalom ski would. That results in a slower, yet longer and less tiresome ride.

Now that you have an idea about the best wakeboarding lakes in Texas, it’s time to put those fears aside and check out our tips for first-time wakeboarders.

Gear You will Need for Wakeboarding

Well, obviously, you’ll need some a pair of boots and a wakeboard, as well as a life vest approved by the US Coast Guard, a towrope and a handle (handles and towropes can be sold together). In the best case, your boat will come with a tower. It’ll be an eight-feet tall structure to which you can connect your towrope.

The tower is good for two things: When you’re in the water, getting out of the water will be easier by creating an upward pull. The tower makes going airborne also much easier. The last thing you’ll need is an orange flag. The orange flag is a universal sign that says “there’s a person near the boat in the water”. You’ll find flags at most marinas. Raise it up whenever there’s a wakeboarder out in the water.

Choosing a Board and Boots

It won’t be too hard to find the wakeboard that works best for you. The size of the wakeboard depends on the weight of the rider. You’ll find size charts for the different available boards at local stores and online shops. Boots will be sold separately and they may be a bit expensive.

When it comes to the least costly ones, they’ll be “one size fits all”. They’ll have Velcro straps to tighten them up, but these straps might come loose in the water. You’ll have better luck with laced boots with a clasp, if they’re in your price range. You’ll find boots that will exactly fit your size and others that fit a range of foot sizes. But if you don’t or can’t own a board and boots, you can rent if you want. This will be a good way of testing until you find what works best for you.

How to Use the Swim Platform

A swim platform will be present in the rear end of most boats. This is a good spot for you to sit down and put the board on your feet. You’ll have to sit close to the edge to be able to pull your feet up and rest the board on the platform. When you put the board on, you’ll have to put your legs in the water. It might be a bit hard, getting in the water with the board on. We don’t advise putting on the boots in the water. If you can’t fit the boot easily, try a bit of biodegradable soap. You’ll also be able to find a goo in the shops that’ll help you slide your foot in.

Remember to Relax and Have Fun

Many people steer away from wakeboarding either because they think they’ll look goofy doing it or because they don’t want to waste anyone’s time by driving them around in a boat while they learn to wakeboard. But the truth is that everyone’s been there. No one knew how to wakeboard on the spot. So, relax, have fun and don’t think about it much.

Stand Up on the Wakeboard

Standing up on the wakeboard is easy. Here’s how to do it.

  1. When you’re ready to get up on the board, it should be at a 90 degrees angle relative to the surface of the water.
  2. Pull your knees in, keep them close to your chest and keep your arms straight.
  3. When the boat accelerates, the force will be too great that you’ll eventually lose grip of the handle. Tip your toes forward to allow the board to lift you up and prevent that from happening.
  4. Stay hunched as long as you’re not entirely out of the water.
  5. Lean back a little but not too much. Don’t let the power of the boat pull you forward and don’t lean too much back or you’ll lose your balance.
  6. Stay behind the boat when you get up until you get a feel of how to move properly. Keep your weight on your back foot to allow more control over your movement. Putting too much weight on the front foot may lead you to lose control and unpleasantly fall off balance.


There are definitely a lot of wonderful places to visit in Texas, including the best wakeboarding lakes in Texas, and we hope that we offered you an interesting collection of lakes to consider for your next aquatic vacation.

The sun is always out in Texas, the people are always welcoming and the food is always tasty. So, what are you waiting for? Get your equipment ready and jump into the water!

Looking for more wakeboarding location recommandations? Check our guides for the best wakeboarding lakes in California and Florida.


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